The Liesl and John Show

Playlist 20210220

This episode of the Liesl and John Show aired on the 20th of February, 2021 at the Pines FM Radio Station on Norfolk Island. There were 15 tracks played in 10 different genres, and from 7 different countries.

so that the city can begin to exist call me anytime fall apart, message to
things are different sleep on me, maid marian's toast
diamonds, favor hard drive weather girl,
high horse instrumental
sometimes i feel like a motherless child

15 Songs for the 20th of February, 2021

  1. A Winged Victory for the Sullen - So That the City Can Begin to Exist Post-Rock (04:46)
    Artificial Pinearch Manufacturing BPM: 86.0 Key: F Major

  2. Sports - Call Me Anytime Indie (04:24)
    Naked Records BPM: 110.0 Key: G#

  3. Daniel Knox - Fall Apart Indie (04:26)
    H.P. Johnson Presents BPM: 140.0 Key: B Major

  4. Cobalt Chapel - Message To Indie (03:18)
    Klove BPM: 151.9 Key: D Major

  5. Picture This - Things Are Different Pop (03:27)
    Let’s Get It Records, LLC / Republic Records BPM: 145.0 Key: B

  6. Creams - Sleep on Me Electronic (02:58)
    Creams BPM: 120.0 X

  7. Kiwi jr. - Maid Marian's Toast Rock (02:23)
    Sub Pop Records BPM: 134.1 Key: G Major

  8. Anna B Savage - Corncrakes Folk (03:43)
    City Slang BPM: 103.7 Key: D Major

  9. The Burnt Pines - Diamonds Folk (03:40)
    Spinnup BPM: 131.1 Key: F Major

  10. Julien Baker - Favor Alternative (04:38)
    Matador BPM: 104.1 Key: F Major

  11. Cassandra Jenkins - Hard Drive Art-Pop (05:27)
    Ba Da Bing! BPM: 107.0 Key: A Major

  12. Figueroa - Weather Girl Electronic (03:46)
    Nomark BPM: 120.0 Key: C#

  13. The Vaccines - High Horse Indie (03:26)
    Super Easy BPM: 120.0 Key: A

  14. Black Country, New Road $ - Instrumental Post-Punk (05:27)
    Ninja Tune BPM: 137.6 Key: E

  15. Archie Shepp - Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child Jazz (08:20)
    Archieball BPM: 132.1 Key: D#

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