The Liesl and John Show

Playlist 20210123

This episode of the Liesl and John Show aired on the 23rd of January, 2021 at the Pines FM Radio Station on Norfolk Island. There were 14 tracks played in 7 different genres, and from 6 different countries.

used to think pareidolia it is what it is, where they perform miracles
orion from the street cuff your jeans, to the country
clock hands
the hunter, chemtrails over the country club helpless circumstance santa barbara,
solar tokyo exorcist

14 Songs for the 23rd of January, 2021

  1. Casper Clausen - Used to Think Rock (08:39)
    City Slang BPM: 192.0 Key: B

  2. Buck Meek - Pareidolia Indie (04:07)
    Keeled Scales BPM: 194.5

  3. Antlers - It Is What It Is Indie (03:57)
    Anti/Epitaph BPM: 112.0 Key: D Major

  4. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Where They Perform Miracles Indie (03:52)
    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah BPM: 121.0 Key: B Major

  5. Field Music - Orion from the Street Indie (04:07)
    Memphis Industries BPM: 116.0 Key: C# Major

  6. Claud - Cuff Your Jeans Indie (02:55)
    Saddest Factory BPM: 113.0 Key: D Major

  7. Viagra Boys $ - To the Country Punk (02:57)
    YEAR0001 BPM: 118.1 Key: B Major

  8. A Blaze Of Feather - Clock Hands Electronic (05:40)
    A Blaze of Feather BPM: 82.4 Key: D Major

  9. Urlaub in Polen - The Hunter Rock (06:02)
    Tapete Records BPM: 145.0 Key: A

  10. Lana Del Rey $ - Chemtrails Over The Country Club Pop (04:31)
    Polydor Records BPM: 201.0 Key: E

  11. Cool Ghouls - Helpless Circumstance Indie (03:23)
    Empty Cellar Records BPM: 124.3

  12. Angelo De Augustine - Santa Barbara Folk (03:13)
    Asthmatic Kitty BPM: 81.0 Key: G

  13. Patricia Brennan - Solar Jazz (04:10)
    Valley of Search BPM: 69.3 Key: C# Major

  14. Prurient - Tokyo Exorcist Electronic (07:58)
    Hospital Productions BPM: 127.0

The Liesl and John Show is an hour long radio show playing most Saturday afternoons on Pines FM 90.9, Radio Norfolk Island.