The Liesl and John Show

Playlist 20201128

This episode of the Liesl and John Show aired on the 28th of November, 2020 at the Pines FM Radio Station on Norfolk Island. There were 14 tracks played in 10 different genres, and from 7 different countries.

saturday night move ease black is blue mountain's peak clean & clear, made it weird
moon view galleon ship, healing hands
the first time ever i saw your face
the sound where my head was, slip the tape through a corkscrew, pull and repeat compress fuse engerize 33,
6000 ft segunda

14 Songs for the 28th of November, 2020

  1. Captain Sky - Saturday Night Move Ease Funk (07:00)
    Past Due Records BPM: 115.8 Key: D Major

  2. Hunt Clive - Black Is Blue Mountain's Peak Reggae (04:16)
    VP Records BPM: 154.0 Key: E

  3. Dope Body - Clean & Clear Rock (02:41)
    Drag City Records BPM: 155.9 Key: A Major

  4. Jacknife Lee - Made It Weird Electronic (01:38)
    Slow Kids Records BPM: 88.0 Key: G Major

  5. Emily A. Sprague - Moon View Ambient (05:46)
    RVNG Intl. BPM: 120.1 Key: C# Major

  6. Nick Cave $ - Galleon Ship Folk (03:12)
    Bad Seed Ltd BPM: 83.7 Key: A# Major

  7. Hannah Grace - Healing Hands Pop (04:00)
    Never Fade Records BPM: 81.6 Key: E Major

  8. James Blake $ - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face Soul (04:01)
    Republic Records / Polydor Records BPM: 86.1 Key: D

  9. Badge Époque Ensemble - The Sound Where my Head Was Jazz (04:33)
    Telephone Explosion BPM: 118.1 Key: A

  10. M. Geddes Gengras - Slip The Tape Through A Corkscrew, Pull And Repeat Electronic (05:51)
    Hausu Mountain BPM: 117.0 Key: F# Major

  11. Com Truise - Compress Fuse Electronic (03:23)
    Ghostly International BPM: 152.1 Key: D Major

  12. Todd Terry - Engerize 33 Techno (03:31)
    Freeze Records BPM: 125.0 Key: C# Major

  13. Bonobo - 6000 Ft Electronic (05:36)
    OUTLIER BPM: 121.0 Key: G#

  14. The Nels Cline Singers - Segunda Jazz (06:39)
    Blue Note Records BPM: 150.1

The Liesl and John Show is an hour long radio show playing most Saturday afternoons on Pines FM 99.9, Norfolk Island.