The Liesl and John Show

Playlist 20201031

This episode of the Liesl and John Show aired on the 31st of October, 2020 at the Pines FM Radio Station on Norfolk Island. There were 10 tracks played in 8 different genres, and from 7 different countries.

nothing changes indica all thoughts fly, all i asked for
cold fabric mid practice, waiting
til a mermaid drags you under
symbols tokens, soundkeeper

10 Songs for the 31st of October, 2020

  1. PUP $ - Nothing Changes Rock (03:26)
    Rise Records BPM: 182.1 Key: G# Major

  2. Andy Bell - Indica Electronic (06:55)
    Sonic Cathedral BPM: 98.0 Key: G Major

  3. Anna Von Hausswolff - All Thoughts Fly Alternative (12:23)
    (RED) Southern Lord BPM: 76.1 Key: G# Major

  4. A.A.Williams - All I Asked For (Was To End It All) Alternative (04:39)
    Bella Union BPM: 89.8 Key: D Major

  5. Cavern of Anti-Matter - Cold Fabric (Incantation) Soundtrack (08:39)
    Duophonic BPM: 144.5 Key: F

  6. Helena Deland - Mid Practice Indie (03:57)
    Luminelle Recordings BPM: 156.0 Key: A Major

  7. Night Shop - Waiting Rock (03:37)
    Night Shop/Salinas BPM: 133.7 Key: B Major

  8. Mary Lattimore $ - Til A Mermaid Drags You Under Ambient (10:26)
    Ghostly International BPM: 123.4 Key: G# Major

  9. Sen Morimoto - Symbols Tokens Hip-Hop (02:46)
    Sooper Records BPM: 86.7

  10. Gunn-Truscinski Duo - Soundkeeper Jazz (16:09)
    Three Lobed Recordings BPM: 118.0 Key: A Major

The Liesl and John Show is an hour long radio show playing most Saturday afternoons on Pines FM 99.9, Radio Norfolk Island.